Re-Imagining Schools


What if imagination could shape the future of education?What if your creativity could help redefine the purpose of learning?What if you could help us envision and manifest a new system for education?We invite you to reimagine schools and share your vision through any medium:
A song, a poem, a drawing, a painting, a video, your choice!
Be part of a global movement reimagining education for all.
Let's design the future!

Submission Guidelines

1-Spend some time imagining a school in a sustainable and equitable future.
You can focus on one or many aspects of education.
Some ideas to inspire your creative flow:What does it look like?
What are teachers doing?
What are students doing?
What are parents doing?
How are people interacting with the environment?
How are they interacting with nature?
What is the role of technology?
How are students developing different forms of intelligence?
How are students applying their learning to current problems?
How can schools be more inclusive of people with different abilities and neurodiversity?
Can you imagine any creative ideas that have not yet been invented?
We invite you to think beyond traditional boundaries and envision innovative education ideas and solutions. Get creative!2-Submit a song, poem, painting, drawing, video, or any creative art form.The format can be any medium: digital, ink, paint, Canva, Photoshop, etc.3- Send your final artwork to [email protected] with the subject line "Reimagining Schools Submission"Include your full name, contact information, country, and title of your piece.If you submit a drawing or painting, please email a high-resolution image.Selected submissions may be showcased in a book publication.We can't wait to see your creation!Deadline is October 25th, 2024 - International Artists Day.

The Team

Morna McDermott McNulty and Diane Kuthy, Towson University, USASimon Sharkey, The Necessary Space, UKFrancine Klieman and Marcia Donadel, Platô Cultural, Brazil.Day Sanchez, Solarpunk Generation, ColombiaIrmin Durand, Head of Impact AIMEPenny Hay, Professor of Imagination, Bath Spa University

Contact Us

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